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Healthy is Wealthy

    Welcome to this space of health and wealth. Soil To Boil will officially launch Wednesday December 22nd 2021. Our main location is La Clery, opposite the Our Lady of Fatima Church and next to the Little Stars Pre-School. 

    We From Soil To Boil are here to provide you with easy access to affordable, local food for a healthier cleaner diet. Hence our mantra 'Health is Wealth'. One of our main functions will be to provide easy access via delivery, aiding our elderly, disabled and all those who are incapable of access to the local market. 

    At the launch the public will get an opportunity to see the food boxes with the variety of food that will be supplied on a bi-weekly basis. There will also be music, a raffle, which will be drawn on the day, a small farmers’ market and some complimentary refreshments. Members of the group will be available to give additional information so that persons can better understand what From Soil to Boil is about and how the members hope to serve the community.

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